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# PyBlosxom: Keeping the Open Source traditions alive!

I don't know why I should expect any different from something open source. Even if it is a python application. At first, I loved PyBlosxom. It was clean, simple, and almost exactly what I was planning to write for myself. Then I tried to setup the comment script.

Simple matter, right? They include a comment plugin, and have directions on their website for setting it up. What they forget to meantion is how to actually show the comment form.

So, 2 hours later, I finally find the magic bit to flip that makes comments work, and all is right in blogland.

For those curious, you either have to append "showcomments=yes" to your story URL, or change line 603 in comments.py, which changes the default for the data['display_comment_default'] entry. You probably also want to change lines 610 and 611 so you can do showcomments=no, if you want.

posted at: 2006 Apr 13 01:37 UTC | category: tech | (story link)

# Blog Software

For those that like this sort of thing.

This blog is published on my OpenBSD system. The software running the blog is PyBloxosm .

posted at: 2006 Apr 13 01:37 UTC | category: tech | (story link)

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