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# Mom has gotten bexxar

Well, Mom got her first bexxar treatment today. Apparently there were no side effects, which is good, since she didn't react well to the test dose.

She called last night and asked me to send out an email to her friends and relatives giving them an update. Unfortunatley my phone was in the car at the time and I didn't get the message until midnight, when I went out to get it. (The phone is also my alarm clock.) I've been trying to call her all evening, but they won't allow cell phones in her room and won't allow visitors either. Every time I try her landline I get disconnected after 3-4 rings.

I'll send out a quick update to her list now, hopefully tomorrow I can actually get through to her.

posted at: 2006 Apr 14 01:37 UTC | category: life | (story link)

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