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# I've been busy

Well, I've been busy lately. Dad has been handling all the funeral details, but he's been including my brother and I in the process. We nailed down the service details, found a pastor, bought a plot at the cemetary, and arranged for flowers. Whew.

In addition, I had to outfit my brother with a suit. Luckily we hit a sale at Sears and got him Pants, Jacket, Shoes, Shirt, Socks and Undershirt for $190. I was surprised, when I bought my suit I spent about twice that.

Today dad and I ran back to Richland and bought a shed. It's scary, I'm slowly acquiring all those things that normal people have. Next thing you know I'll own my home and have rascals running around driving me crazy.

posted at: 2006 Apr 27 01:37 UTC | category: life | (story link)

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