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# New Kitty

So, as some of you know, I had a visitor a couple nights ago during the thunderstorm here. The beautiful gray kitty from last month showed up here. I put up Found Cat posters around the neighborhood hoping that no one would call. Well, today, someone called. That someone turned out to be the neighbor who has the other half of the duplex.

Sadly, I gave the kitty back. This made me want a kitty of my own. After finding all the shelters around town and seeing their ridiculous adoption policies (Questionaires? References? What the fuck are they smoking?) I went and bought a paper. In the entire pet section there were 2 ads for kitties. Both male, both orange. One was "7 months old" and the other was a year and a half.

Well, I ended up with the 7 month old. They say his name is "Rambo" but that's a silly name for a cat, IMO. I'll have to find a new name. He also seems really big to me for 7 months old. He's bigger than many full grown cats I've seen, and cats aren't full grown until at least a year. If he really is only 7 months old he's going to be huge. Anyway, here's his picture.

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He's not happy about moving homes, so he refused to look at the camera. He's burrowed himself into the corner with bunches of stuff, so it was hard to get a clear shot. But he knows where his litter box is and has food and water, hopefully he'll calm down soon enough.

I just hope the rats forgive me.

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