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# Upcoming Yellowstone Trip

So for work I have to go to Idaho Falls, ID to get the office there setup. For those of you who aren't as familiar with Idaho as I am (read: you might be able to find it on a map, if the map were labeled) Idaho Falls is only 150 km or so from the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. I'll have 2-3 days to explore these areas and then drive the 1000 km home to go to work again.

My general plan is to get up before dawn and get to the Grand Tetons in time for sunrise. From there I'll putter about the Grand Tetons all day Saturday, taking in the scenery, looking for photographs to take, and in general being a tourist. That night I'll find somewhere to crash (maybe in a motel, maybe in my car, I just don't know yet) and then do the same thing Sunday that I did Saturday, only in Yellowstone.

Monday will be for coming home. I plan to come back along the northern route, roughly parallelling I-90, then back through the Idaho panhandle. I'm told I can follow the trail of the Nez Perce indians in their flight from the Army. That should be interesting.

So, the comments are still disabled, but my contact info is around (hint: drpepper.org, as it has for several years, will deliver almost every username directly to me.) If you've been to this area and know something I have to check out, or if you've heard of something I have to check out (I hear there's this geyser in Yellowstone) let me know.

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