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# Life Hacks: Dishes

They're one of life's constant companions. They may as well be the 3rd certainty in life. They're the enemy. The nemesis. The scoundrel.

Yes, I'm talking about... DISHES.

Silly dramatics aside, I'm one of those people who can't seem to actually do dishes. I keep things sanitary. I don't leave dishes with food on them for weeks. I do, however, leave dirty dishes for weeks. They've been rinsed and scraped clean (not necessarily in that order) they just haven't been done. Typically I've gone through every dish in the house before I buckle down and do the dishes.

I think I've finally figured out how to change that. The secret is filling a bottle with diluted dish soap. I bought a 1 liter spray bottle and I find that 300ml of soap is just about perfect. Now, instead of having to fill the sink full of suds, or using a huge amount of soap to clean a couple items, I can just rinse, spray, wipe and rinse. Voila! All done.

Easy dish cleaning, combined with a new household policy of "A dish doesn't come out of the cupboard so long as there's one like it dirty and not in use" means I may actually keep clean dishes in the cupboard.

posted at: 2007 Mar 18 23:07 UTC | category: life | (story link)

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