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# Home again, work time :(

I'm home again. Spent the weekend listening to a friend bitch about work, and then getting intoxicated enough that we both forgot about work. Twas fun.

I'm back at work now. All I can think about is getting home and putting together my VWCDPIC. I got the last of the parts I need, save one. Which reminds me, I need to phone the stealership and see if they have the last part I need.

I visited Mom last night. She's been more or less delerious since she got the Bexxar. Dad says she has periods of lucidity, but not while I was there. Hopefully she'll be better when I go to visit again tomorrow.

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# Tacoma

I have entered the local gravity well known as Tacoma. I'll have to start working on building up escape velocity soon, that can be difficult around here.

As you may have noticed I'm adding some color and pictures. I took every picture you see here. If you want to see some other pictures I've taken, I have a small but growing collection of pictures on my flickr page.

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# Mom has gotten bexxar

Well, Mom got her first bexxar treatment today. Apparently there were no side effects, which is good, since she didn't react well to the test dose.

She called last night and asked me to send out an email to her friends and relatives giving them an update. Unfortunatley my phone was in the car at the time and I didn't get the message until midnight, when I went out to get it. (The phone is also my alarm clock.) I've been trying to call her all evening, but they won't allow cell phones in her room and won't allow visitors either. Every time I try her landline I get disconnected after 3-4 rings.

I'll send out a quick update to her list now, hopefully tomorrow I can actually get through to her.

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# Life

So, until I have time to write more here, this is just a brief synapsis of what's going on in my life.

I'm working for a small company here in Richland, WA. My official title is "Network Administrator," however my business cards say "Sr. System Administrator." In reality, I am the IT Dept. I'm also responsible for the phones, and probably anything else that has a wire. I'm massively overworked but hopefully we'll be hiring a PFY soon.

Of course, the big thing in my life right now is Mom's lymphoma. Almost a year ago mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. She has a mass in her small bowel and has been undergoing treatment. She's had a round of CHOP, a couple ICE treatments, and surgery so far. The surgery was done just before she was to have an Auto-Immune transplant, because of the results of some final tests before proceeding with the treatment.

Unfortunately, they were unable to remove the mass during surgery. At this point her prospects look grim. We haven't given up hope, and just today she had her first Bexxar treatment. We're hopeful that she'll respond well, however we've just recently learned that the disease has spread to her kidney's as well.

So that's my life in a nutshell right now.

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