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# Me and My Shadow

If you haven't been reading Kevin Smith's latest series of blog postings, titled "Me and My Shadow," you're missing a great read. Check it Out, he's up to part 8 today.

In it Kevin details Jason Mewes' descent into drug abuse (mostly heroin and oxycotin) and his efforts to crawl out of the pit he dug. There's nothing particularly different about Jason's story, but Kevin tells the tale well and really makes you feel like you're there.

If DARE and other anti-drug programs would have kids read stories like this, and watch movies like Requiem for a Dream instead of telling kids that one joint dooms them to a life of crime and poverty, we might have a chance at winning this "drug war".

posted at: 2006 Apr 14 01:39 UTC | category: link | (story link)

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