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# Basic Soy Sauce Marinade

Welcome to the first entry in my new recipe category. Here's my first entry, a basic soy sauce marinade. Good for chicken or pork, but can also be used for beef intended for a stirfry too.

 4oz soy sauce
 2oz ginger sauce
 2oz mirin
 dash of tobasco
 1/2t wasabi powder
 1/2t calamansi powder
 1t minced garlic
 3/4t honey

 Put a pan on medium-low heat, while heating combine ingrediants. When it comes
 to a boil turn down to low and let simmer 5-15 minutes. Strain whole garlic
 if desired.

posted at: 2006 May 23 01:37 UTC | category: recipes | (story link)

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