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# Asian Style Habanero Grilled Chicken

Summer is here and it's time for grilling. Here's a great recipe that's quick and easy, provided you don't mind waiting for the chicken to marinate.

Chicken Pieces (I prefer a bag of legs, myself)
8 oz Shoyu (Soy Sauce)
6 oz Sake
3 cloves Garlic
1 tsp fresh ground Ginger
1 tsp Sesame Oil
1-3 Habanero Peppers
Ground Cumin
Ground Coriander
Onion Powder
Wasabi Powder

Cut up the Habanero Peppers and place in a bowl. I find that pieces aprox. 
5mm per side to work best. Include however many peppers you think you and/or 
your guests can stand. For extra heat, don't discard the seeds.

NOTE: Be very careful when working with Habaneros. I suggest the use of
disposable gloves when cutting. Immediately wash your knife and cutting 
board when done, and do not touch anything while wearing the gloves. Wash
your hands like you're a surgeon getting ready for the OR afterwards.

Add the Shoyu, Sake, Ginger and Sesame Oil to the bowl. Crush the garlic 
into the bowl. Mix well.

Rinse your chicken. If you don't mind dry chicken and are health concious,
remove the skin. Place the chicken into your prepared marinade, cover and
refridgerate for 30-60 minutes.

Combine the Cumin, Coriander, Onion Powder, and Wasabi Powder in equal
parts. Make enough to rub over all your chicken. 2 tsp of each should
provide enough for 4-6 drumsticks.

After you've preheated your grill, remove the chicken from the marinade,
rub on the spices, and grill until your chicken is done. 

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