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# Humanity is getting stupid(er)

So, today I got an email from someone trying to sell me colo service. I can't really begin to describe how angry it made me, so here it is for you to get angry at too:

  Subject: Seattle Collocation via QuoteColo


  A while back we sent a quote for collocation in our Seattle collo site based 
  on an RFQ you submitted to QuoteColo.com.  I was wondering if you received 
  our quote or if the project is still alive?

  Thank you,

For those of you who don't see the problem here, it's the fact that the word "collo" does not exist in english, and is not a word used in the tech industry. What he's refering to is "colocation". The root word is "locate" and the word has the prefix "co" applied, as well as the suffix "ion". I'll leave it as an excercise to the reader to determine a definition based upon these facts.

It gets worse, though. I'm not going to link to them, because he might see it and make some connection between my job and this blog, but their name has the word "Collo" in it. This isn't just a sales guy that can't spell (there are plenty of those in the world.) This is a company founded by someone who has no attention to detail. How do they expect me to feel good about using their company when they don't even spend a few minutes making sure their name is spelled correctly?

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me by Runt on irc that the whois contact for the company in question is the same as the guy that emailed me. I hope my little jab in my otherwise polite response makes him reconsider his company's name. ("I would have a hard time choosing a company that can't even spell 'colo.'")

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