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# New Camera

So, though I had no plans to go digital, I've ended up getting a nice DSLR. It doesn't meet my MP requirements, but you know, I still have my K1000, and I plan to carry both as soon as I get a camera bag that will accomodate two bodies and 2 or 3 lenses.

I bought a Pentax K100D because it meets my main requirements. It's easy to use, unlike the Canon and Nikon DSLRs I played with. It has a good, low noise CCD that lets me shoot up to ISO 1600 (although the noise is too high for my tastes past ISO 800,) and the best part is that I can use my K-mount lenses I already have. This means I can carry 2 or 3 lenses that work in both cameras.

I've posted my first few pictures to flickr, so you can check them out there. I tagged all of them with K100D, which you can find here.

posted at: 2006 Oct 13 06:57 UTC | category: tech | (story link)

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