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# Announcing Flashmounter!

It mounts, it performs backups, it slices and dices your data with the greatest of ease!

Er, wait. Wouldn't slicing and dicing be a bad thing?

Anyway, I have written what I feel is the coolest software to be conceived of and written in 3-4 hours this week!

I have this mythtv machine with a built-in SD reader. My camera uses SD. It's currently a PITA to connect any of my SD readers to the mac mini. So I wrote a script that monitors the state of that SD reader and mounts my SD card as needed. It also watches for certain files to show up in the root of the device. If it sees "unmount" it will unmount the device. If it sees "backup" it will tar up the contents of the device in a location I set, by date and time.

The really cool part is that it has growl support. Thanks to netgrowl.py I was able to deliver growl messages to my mini. I'm also running netatalk, so I can use the SD reader in my mythtv machine without even sshing to that machine. I just create the proper files as part of my workflow. After work, I'll set up some automator flows to automate my photography workflow even more.

I've taken a screenshot of flashmounter in action, though it's not much to look at. You can download flashmounter too.

posted at: 2007 Mar 15 21:44 UTC | category: tech | (story link)

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