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# Flavourswap 1.1! Now with flavor!

Hot on the heels of the initial Flavourswap 1.0 release is the highly anticipated release of Flavourswap 1.1!

Changes in this release include support for arbitrary browsers. No more browser specific code!

Because I wanted to keep this lightweight I'm not using any external libraries. It's pure python and shouldn't add much overhead. However, you're limited to simple string matches. You can match anything that the find method of a string will match.

If you're the sort of person who runs pybloxom and want to customize your site with a unique look based on the person's webbrowser, download it today and give it a spin.

Also, this release means that OmniWeb users now get to enjoy the same rendering speed boost that gecko users enjoy. Unfortunatly Safari as shipped still doesn't recognize © and   so only OmniWeb gets the boost.

posted at: 2007 Apr 19 17:17 UTC | category: tech | (story link)

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