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So I managed to get my hands on a Wii yesterday. I got lucky when I decided that I was going to give all the local places a call, and one place happened to have a used Wii in the store. It was even $10 cheaper than a new Wii. I picked up a copy of Excite Truck too, since their game choice was rather slim. It was obvious this particular store wasn't getting any new equipment in, and just relying on what people sold to them.

I've now had the Wii for just about 24 hours. I've played it for 11 hours so far. Thanks to the advanced tracking technology borrowed from the CIA the Wii even tells you how much time you spend playing each game, by day and session. Here's my totals so far by game:

Game Time
Excite Truck 1:24
Paper Mario 6:45
Wii Sports 3:13
Total 11:22

I'd say that speaks for itself. I haven't spent this much time with a new console since the SNES. With the PS/Saturn and Dreamcast/PS2/Xbox systems there was nothing to get me excited enough to play them for hours, let alone plunk down hard cash for a system during its launch phase.

If I can stop playing them long enough (or my arm needs a break) I'll write up some mini reviews of the games. For now, I need to finish eating and get back to driving trucks around a dirt track at very high speeds.

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