Python Music Daemon

Current release: 0.3

Welcome to the page for the Python Music Daemon (PyMusicD). The Python Music Daemon is a JukeBox style program for playing Music on a central machine.

The Python Music Daemon is a work in progress. The current release (0.3) has a server for playing music, which can be controlled over the network. There's a simple CLI client that will be familiar to unix users. It should run on anything that can run python and mpg123/mpg321.

As time progresses, I will put more here. In the meantime, you can download the latest release and give it a try.


Mon Nov 10 06:45:20 UTC 2003

I've written a script to take a large number of cds and quickly rip them to OGG/Vorbis. I wrote it in a couple hours to rip my cds when I lost the storage drive. Give it a try if you have a large number of cds to rip.

The next version of PyMusicD will include OGG/Vorbis support. I hope to release it soon. Watch this space for details, or subscribe to the Freshmeat Project to be automatically emailed when I release a new version.

Mon Oct 13 05:48:56 UTC 2003

I've released the next version of PyMusicD. Since I finally have internet access on my main machine again, I'm no longer transferring releases from my linux box to a win98 machine via floppy. This also means I can setup a CVS repository for PyMusicD, I'll have anonymous access for those of you who like the cutting edge soon.

  • Fixed a bug when adding an entire directory with %2A instead of *
  • Added a debug command to get server state, currently only playstatus is reported, will add more as needed.
  • Changed the way the stop command works to eliminate a bug.
  • Check to make sure a file exists before we add it to the playlist.
  • We no longer start playing music as soon as the playlist has entries. Instead, we wait for a play command to be issued.
  • Added config file support. Defaults to /etc/pymusicd.conf or ./pymusicd.conf
  • Added a and setup.cfg file. Now users can install PyMusicD using the standard "python install" method that other scripts and modules use.