Wallowa County Radio Information

This is just some information I've collected about frequencies in use in Wallowa County, Oregon. Most of it is centered around Joseph, where I live.

Current Weather Conditions In Wallowa County


Amateur Radio Information

I'm currently studying for my Amateur Technician class license. I have 144.845 programmed into my HT. Once I have my license, I'll be able to talk to on that frequency. I'd love it if you gave me a shoutout there. Unless I'm at work, if I hear it (and my radio is always on) I'll respond to you. Use a tone of 94.8hz if you want my radio to beep at me at the beginning of your transmission. If you want me to notify you when I have my license, simply E-Mail me. I'll be taking the test this February, the first Wednesday of the month.


I am now KD7ZQS, and you can often find me on the SSRA repeater.

Repeaters I frequently use:

Spout Springs Repeater Association

Other Amateur Operators I've made contact with in the area.

Dave Gilbert - KE7GI

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