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Thu Feb 17 23:08:53 GMT 2005

Just bought myself a new Jetta. It's a 1985 Jetta GL Wolfsburg Ed. All I've done so far is change the oil, but I have parts on the way. I have some pictures up too.


  1. Window Switch
  2. Mann Cabin Filter
  3. Mann Oil Filter
  4. Shifter Bushing Kit
  5. Power Steering Belt
  6. Alternator Belt
  7. AC Belt
  8. Clutch Cable
  9. Fuel Filter
  10. Bentley Manual
  11. Redline MT90 Gear Oil
  12. 4 Round E-Code Headlight+Grill
Original Cost: $1400
Parts: $545
Total: $1945

So, I'm trying to decide if I should spend anymore on it. $1945 is a good chunk of change. The only thing I think I'd buy at this point is a new exhaust. I have to take the current exhaust off to do the shift bushings. It'd be a good time to do the exhaust, since I had it apart. Anyone suggest anything good for that? Email me.

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